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Frequently Ask Question

1. How to get your pay in working with Data entry thu Captcha server


Your pay depends on which captcha server you are registered





2. How to solve captchas? 





2. Will my account be suspended if i type too many incorrect captchas?

Yes, your account will be suspended

  • Avoid encoding too many incorrect captchas to avoid getting your account suspended, but don't worry your account and earning is still there just wait for the suspension be lifted
  • Wait until the suspension time is over. At the end of this time you will be able to see the “I got the point” button. Hit the button and you can keep working.
  • If your account is suspended, wait 1 business day. Moderators check all blocked accounts. If you accidentally make a mistake, a moderator will remove the blockage.

​3. What is the best time to work?

  • Best time to work is from 10:00PM till 9:00AM daily )Philippine Time; UTC +8, captcha loads faster




4. Do i need to pay anything or make any investment to join?

  • No, you dont need to pay or make any investment to join here, its always and will remain FREE to join here
  • Beware of posers who ask or solicit money in exchange for this Job, always ask on our Facebook page, Twitter Account or tru SKYPE

5. Can i join all captcha server?

If you are patience, have dedication and commitment to earn online, Yes you can join all the captcha server that we refer here.



6. For Filipino Workers who sign up and create a Bitcoin wallet via COINSPH, it is important to complete the Identity and Selfie verification in Coinsph in order to used the function of cash out to any local bank, remittance center, gcash and more.
To do this all you need is submit any VALID ID listed. To do this you can scan or take a picture of any of your valid ID Front and Back, the picture must be clear and all info must be visible, Once you have your scan or picture of your valid ID, Login your coinsph account and go to LIMITS AND VERIFICATION then submit your valid ID
To do the selfie verification you can used your smartphone by downloading the Android App, IOS app in Playstore.

The reason why you are required to do this is to avoid fraudulent transaction and confirm that the identity of the account is real and not fake, All information, data submitted in coinsph is secured as per compliance to Central bank of the Philippines.




















7. For other payment processor account, Here are the sample wallet address


  • For Payza Account -  Your Payza email (example: [email protected])
  • For Perfect Money Account - Your USD wallet (example: U111111)
  • For Webmoney Account - Your USD purse (example: Z123456789012)
  • For Bitcoin Wallet address - Bitcoin Address (example: 1bbu2Kgn7xBRWS6gPkYXWiw4cnzyKi7rR


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